Vega Matte White Rimless Floor Pan


The Vega matte white, rimless concealed floor pan has clean lines and is the easiest toilet to clean on the market. It is made with high-quality ceramic and has an advanced flushing system. The rimless flushing system used by the Vega floor pan is one of the latest water-saving flushing styles in the bathroom industry. It uses two water jets to clean the toilet as it flushes. Not only does it flush everything the first time it is also easy to clean and is very sanitary for a floor pan. Traditional toilets have holes around the entire rim. Rimless toilets don’t. They use the jets at the rear of the toilet pan to flush leaving nowhere for bacteria to hide.

Compatible With Geberit & R&T In wall Cisterns.

Dimensions 360 × 550 × 370 mm

Fifth Avenue


Full Flush

Half Flush

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