Sphere Round LED Mirror

by Remer

The Sphere Collection is a reminder of minimal beauty which is feature-loaded. This particular shape is immaculate and very sleek. This piece is a balance of a modern, topical yet ubiquitous framework which can readily be implemented within your bathroom interiors giving it an impressive and inimitable air. A grand make-over is what the sphere mirror collection commits to, wherever it is affixed.


A significant number of frames are available for the Remer Sphere collection. The LED backlit round mirror can be picked from a chromatic spectrum of Rose Gold, Gun Metal, Matt Black, etc. The frameless ones are also a delightful addition to the sphere collection

A perfect symmetry of industrial, rustic elements with modern and contemporary facets, the Remer sphere collection is a trend within the bathroom mirror lineup. This steadfast collection is built never to fail.


A multi-faceted mirror, this collection has astounding functions and top-notch features. The demister and anti-fog functions assure discreet and clear images. The Bluetooth audio function makes for an entertaining experience all the way. The backlit LED radiates light and projects a soothing and tranquil ambience.

The sphere collection is elemental yet elegant. The backlit mirror and its shape make it exclusive and stand above the rest in the bathroom mirror circuit. There are three versions of specifications for this circle mirror – 

Sphere Standard; its specs:

  • Diameter- 800/600 mm
  • Depth- 35 mm

Sphere D; Its specs:

  • Diameter-800/ 600 mm
  • Depth- 35 mm

Sphere DB; its specs:

  • Diameter-800/ 600 mm
  • Depth-40 mm

The Remer sphere collection is pleasant and determines a high life. This collection can render a bathroom into a modern and discernible space while subtly defining luxury. 

This collection is very present-day and stylish and comes with various features and a colourful palette of options to choose from. Irrefutably, one of the best upgrades you can get for your bathrooms.


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