Verona Tall Matte White Mirror Cabinet

Main Material

Moisture Resistant MDF

Cabinet Size

750mm, 900mm, 1200mm


10 Years


Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture

The Verona tall mirror cabinet can be retrofitted on top of your wall tiles or can be recessed into your wall cavity, creating more space in your bathroom.

A tall mirror cabinet does two things in your bathroom. It creates storage and it creates space. The storage part is obvious. It a great place to hide everything that will clutter your bench space. What is more vital is the creation of space!

This is done in two ways. Firstly, most of the time you will recess this mirror cabinet into the wall. This means that your wall cavity will act as part of your room. This may not sound like much but it makes a HUGE difference to the overall look of your bathroom. The second part of space creation are the mirrors. One metre tall! Mirrors are the easiest way to make a room look larger. The larger the mirror, the greater the visual space. Of course, you don’t gain literal square meterage, but the visual space you gain is enormous. The larger the mirror, the better!

Recommended Products

You’ll be best to set this above a 1200mm vanity. It’s not unheard of to add them above a 1500mm vanity but the general rule of thumb is vanity width = mirror width. Have a look at our wall hung vanities or floorstanding vanities for some great vanity ideas.


Fully assembled mirror cabinet

Three shelves with clips

Mounting screws


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