Seima In Wall Buttons 500 Series

by seima

FLUSH PLATE – 500 series

Chrome, satin, black matte, brushed nickel, brushed gold


Pneumatic push-buttons in rectangular plate

  • Large button for full flush, smaller button for half flush
  • Premium pneumatic system allows for flexible placement of flush plate
  • Concealed fixing
  • Provides complete access to in-wall cistern, suits all Seima in-wall cisterns
  • Can be installed on the wall above the toilet or on a counter top

Old code: STO-B500

Dimensions: 236W x 152H x 8D mm
Type / mount: Pneumatic system
Material: ABS plastic
Finish: Chrome , Satin , Matte , Brushed metallic
Colour: Chrome , Black , Silver , Brushed nickel , Brushed gold
Warranty: 5 years

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