Rinnai B26

by Rinnai

These units are highly energy efficient, only heating water as it passes through the unit,
reducing running costs and greenhouse gas emissions substantially. Add to this its
compact size which allows it to be installed almost anywhere, and you have the most
technologically advanced hot water system available today.
The range is available in 16L (6.2 star), 20L (6.1 star) or 26L (6.1 star) variants supplied in
a neutral Dune colour. Temperature presets of 50°C or 60°C are also available.


> Quality Japanese design and manufacturing in Rinnai’s own high tech facility
> High quality componentry engineered to last
> Quick connect system for temperature controller cables
> Puretemp™ temperature stability technology provides PCB controlled
and perfectly stable outlet water temperature
> Superior 6+ star efficiency across the range of 16 – 26 litre units
> 10 years heat exchanger warranty
> Sleek and compact design
> Low flow shower head compatible




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