Airbus 250 High Airflow Extraction Fan

by Ventair

Airbus 250 High Airflow 

Available in a wide range of fascias. See below for entire list

General Description

Stylish white round high airflow fascia to suit the PVPX225 or PVPX250 Airbus Modular Motor.


  • Stylish slimline design
  • Super low profile
  • Easy to remove and clean


Colour White, silver or black
IP Rating IPX4 (What is this?)
To Suit Airbus PVPX225 or PVPX250 Motor Body

More Information

View Airbus Product Video

Exhaust Motor Bodies


Fascias to Suit Airbus Motor

ABG200WH-RD White Round NA PVPX200
ABGHF200WH-RD White Round NA PVPX200
ABGGP200WH-RD White Round NA PVPX200
ABG200SS-RD Silver Round NA PVPX200
ABG200BL-RD Black Round NA PVPX200
ABGHF200MB-RD Matte Black Round NA PVPX200
ABGGP200BL-RD Black Round NA PVPX200
ABG200WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX200
ABGHF200WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX200
ABGGP200WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX200
ABG200SS-SQ Silver Square NA PVPX200
ABG200BL-SQ Black Square NA PVPX200
ABGHF200MB-SQ Matte Black Square NA PVPX200
ABGGP200BL-SQ Black Square NA PVPX200
ABGLED200WH-RD White Round 10w LED PVPX200
ABGLED200SS-RD Silver Round 10w LED PVPX200
ABGLED200BL-RD Black Round 10w LED PVPX200
ABGLED200WH-SQ White Square 10w LED PVPX200
ABGLED200SS-SQ Silver Square 10w LED PVPX200
ABGLED200BL-SQ Black Square 10w LED PVPX200
ABG250WH-RD White Round NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGHF250WH-RD White Round NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABGGP250WH-RD White Round NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABG250SS-RD Silver Round NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABG250BL-RD Black Round NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGHF250MB-RD Matte Black Round NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABGGP250BL-RD Black Round NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABG250WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGHF250WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX225, PVPX250  
ABGGP250WH-SQ White Square NA PVPX225, PVPX250  
ABG250SS-SQ Silver Square NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABG250BL-SQ Black Square NA PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGHF250MB-SQ Matte Black Square NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABGGP250BL-SQ Black Square NA PVPX225PVPX250
ABGLED250WH-RD White Round 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGLED250SS-RD Silver Round 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGLED250BL-RD Black Round 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGLED250WH-SQ White Square 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGLED250SS-SQ Silver Square 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250
ABGLED250BL-SQ Black Square 14w LED PVPX225, PVPX250


Pre-Bundled Exhaust Kits

PVPX150WH AIRBUS 150  Round White
PVPX150WHSQ AIRBUS 150 Square White
PVPX150BL AIRBUS 150 Round Black
PVPX150BLSQ AIRBUS 150 Square Black
PVPX150WHGP AIRBUS 150 Round White Glass Panel
PVPX150BLGP AIRBUS 150 Round Black Glass Panel
PVPX150WHSQGP AIRBUS 150 Square White Glass Panel
PVPX150BLSQGP AIRBUS 150 Square Black Glass Panel
PVPX150LED AIRBUS 150 Round 10w LED 
PVPX150SQLED AIRBUS 150 Square 10w LED
PVPX200WH AIRBUS 200 200mm Round White
PVPX200WHSQ AIRBUS 200 200mm Square White
PVPX200WH-LED AIRBUS 200 200mm Round White with 10w LED
PVPX200WHSQ-LED AIRBUS 200 200mm Square White with 10w LED
PVPX200SS AIRBUS 200 200mm Round Silver
PVPX200SSSQ AIRBUS 200 200mm Square Silver
PVPX200SS-LED AIRBUS 200 200mm Round Silver with 10w LED
PVPX200SSSQ-LED AIRBUS 200 200mm Square Silver with 10w LED
PVPX250WH AIRBUS 250 250mm Round White
PVPX250WHSQ AIRBUS 250 250mm Square White
PVPX250WH-LED AIRBUS 250 250mm Round White with 10w LED
PVPX250WHSQ-LED AIRBUS 250 250mm Square White with 10w LED
PVPX250SS AIRBUS 250 250mm Round Silver
PVPX250SSSQ AIRBUS 250 250mm Square Silver
PVPX250SS-LED AIRBUS 250 250mm Round Silver with 10w LED
PVPX250SSSQ-LED AIRBUS 250 250mm Square Silver with 10w LED
PVPX300WH AIRBUS 300 300mm Round White 
PVPX300WHSQ AIRBUS 300 300mm Square White

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