Miro Premium Backlit Mirror with Demister and Bluetooth


Light up mirror with Bluetooth. Distinctively sleek and practical, the Miro Premium LED Smart Mirror series is one of our bestsellers that has withstood the test of time. The mirror is naturally gravitational and it always charms its audience at first glance. Minimal in its design, it does not overpower with prestige, but rather enhances the beauty of its space.

The Bluetooth audio function allows for smart phone integration. The inbuilt speakers allow mobile phone users to play any song from their music library, Apple Music or Spotify music app, YouTube or radio station apps.

The Miro series are backlit in design with frosted glass horizontal edges that the light shines through, elevating the space to a new level. It truly reflects refinement in the Remer way.


Material Aluminium Chassis; Frameless Glass Mirror

Technical Information

Lumens 1200: 1320
1500: 1650
1800: 1980
Standby 0.4V
LED : 17.28 Watts
Demister : 19.2 Watts
LED: 21.6 Watts
Demister: 24 Watts
LED: 25.92 Watts
Demister: 28.8 Watts
Input Voltage 240V AC 50Hz
Kelvin Colour Temperature 6500K

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