Nautical Frameless Shower Screen

The Nautical Frameless shower has 80mm adjustment solving all those issues with out of plum walls. This shower is the simplest shower screen to assemble and install within all our shower screen suites, with clear instructions. The Nautical Frameless Shower Screen is exclusive to OZ Wholesales with our Design Patent No: 359907.
The Nautical 10mm Frameless Shower Screen is how a real frameless shower screen should look with no obscured view. The hinges are placed out of eye site for a complete open view. The 10mm glass door opens with ease using the square knob handle with a finger grip (optional round handle and a round glass hole handle) . You have the option to use a clear water seal to help prevent water leakage.
Nothing has been spared in qualilty from the hinges, square knob handle with a finger grip, stainless steel brace, and the bright silver wall channels.
Available in chrome or black finish.
*Clear Toughened safety glass (Australian standard compliant) AS/NZS 2208:1996
  • Fully reversible for left or right hand entry
  • 80mm Adjustment
  • Size available from 820mm to 1680mm for Front and Return Panels from 830mm to 985mm. custom sizes can be arranged
  • Can be installed either on tiles or a shower base
  • The simplest and hassle free Frameless Shower Screen in our range to install.
*Also fully custom size showers can be arranged
2000mm Front Height
820mm -  900mm       
900mm -  980mm
980mm - 1060mm
1060mm - 1140mm
1140mm - 1220mm
1220mm- 1300mm
1300mm - 1380mm
1380mm - 1460mm
1460mm - 1520mm
1520mm - 1600mm
1600mm - 1680mm
2000mm Return Height
830mm - 845mm
845mm - 860mm
860mm - 875mm
875mm - 890mm
890mm - 905mm
930mm - 945mm
970mm - 985mm
985mm - 1000mm
1030mm - 1045mm
1130mm - 1145mm
1230mm - 1245mm

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